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The 6-in-1 Skincare Reviver Wand by EYOORA

The 6-in-1 Skincare Reviver Wand by EYOORA

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- The 6-in-1 Reviver by EYOORA is a state-of-the-art skincare device that combines six powerful treatments into one compact and convenient tool.

- It utilizes advanced technologies such as red light therapy, blue light therapy, electric muscle stimulation, and hand sensor technology to address various skincare concerns and enhance your overall complexion.

- It is designed to provide professional-grade skincare treatments in the comfort of your own home, offering a comprehensive solution to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin.


  1. Multifunctionality: It combines six powerful skincare treatments into one device, offering a comprehensive solution for your skincare needs.
  2. Advanced Technologies: It harnesses the power of red light therapy, blue light therapy, and electric muscle stimulation to address various skin concerns effectively.
  3. Versatility: It can be used for a wide range of skincare concerns, including improving skin texture, reducing signs of aging, and targeting blemishes.
  4. Convenience: With professional-grade skincare treatments available in the comfort of your own home, it saves you time and effort while providing spa-like results.
  5. Ergonomic Design: The 6-in-1 Reviver is designed for comfortable handling and ease of use, making it a pleasure to incorporate into your daily skincare regimen.
  6. Transformational Results: The 6-in-1 Reviver has the potential to revitalize and rejuvenate your skin, helping you achieve a radiant, healthy complexion.


1.Preparing the Skin:

Before using the device, it is essential to properly cleanse and prepare the skin. Begin by removing any makeup or impurities using a gentle cleanser. Thoroughly pat dry the skin to ensure optimal contact between the device and the skin surface. Applying a hydrating toner or primer can further enhance the conductivity of the device.

2. Selecting Settings:

The device offers multiple intensity levels and settings to suit individual preferences and skin needs. Begin with the lowest intensity setting and gradually increase it as desired. Users can experiment with different settings to find the ideal level of muscle stimulation and warmth during the treatment.

3. Application Techniques:

Hold the device firmly and position it on the desired treatment area. Follow the device's instructions to perform gentle massage motions, moving the device in an upward and outward direction. The device is designed to target specific areas such as the jawline, cheeks, forehead, and neck. Spend a few minutes on each area to ensure comprehensive coverage and maximum effectiveness.

4.  Serum Export:

To utilize the serum export functionality, start by selecting a suitable serum or essence that complements your skincare routine. Open the designated compartment or access point on the device and insert the serum bottle securely. The device will automatically dispense the serum as you proceed with the treatment. This innovative feature ensures a seamless integration of skincare products into your routine, maximizing their benefits during the microcurrent session. The direct delivery of nourishing ingredients enhances absorption, promoting a radiant and hydrated complexion.


  • THE 6-in-1 Reviver By EYOORA 



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    Delivers revitalizing skincare results, harnessing the power of gentle electrical currents to tone, firm, and rejuvenate your complexion.


    Stimulates collagen production and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


    Targets and combat acne-causing bacteria for clearer and healthier skin.


    Infuses nourishing serums directly into the skin with the integrated serum bottle allows maximizing the benefits and enhancing your skincare benefits.


    Provides therapeutic warmth to open up pores and increase blood flow for improved skincare results.


    Ensures precise and effortless treatments, adapting to your skin's unique needs.

Micro-current facial tool

Ergonomic and hand Compatible Design

- The ergonomic design of the 6-in-1 Skincare Reviver fits comfortably in your hand, allowing you to effortlessly maneuver the device across your face and neck. Whether you're targeting specific areas or treating your entire face.

- The hand sensors on the device ensure optimal contact and precise treatment. Simply place your hand on the sensors, and let the device work its magic. It intelligently adapts to your touch, delivering targeted and effective skincare treatments with ease.

The Perfect Area For Skincare

- When it comes to skincare, precision matters. The 6-in-1 Skincare Reviver allows you to focus on the exact areas that require attention. By treating specific spots, you can address concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and dullness, giving your skin the targeted care it deserves.

- Imagine a skincare tool that effortlessly follows the curves and contours of your face, delivering a tailored treatment to each and every area. The 6-in-1 Skincare Reviver is meticulously crafted to provide a perfect fit, allowing it to glide seamlessly over your skin.

Facial toning and lifting tool

Seamless Integration: Effortless Serum Infusion

Elevate your skincare regimen with the 6-in-1 Skincare Reviver's built-in serum bottle, designed to streamline your routine and maximize the benefits of your favorite serums. This unique feature allows for seamless integration, ensuring that nourishing and potent serums are effortlessly delivered directly to your skin.

Comparison Summary:

When comparing the Eyoora 6-in-1 Reviver to Jade rollers, Light mask therapy, and microcurrent devices, the Eyoora 6-in-1 Reviver stands out as a versatile and advanced skincare tool.

Customer Reviews

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Angeline Raynor
The 6-in-1 Reviver tool became my skincare necessity

I like it so Much ,

Missouri Greenholt
Happy about the Product

This product is the maximum, I feel it massages my face very well. Very happy with the purchase.

Hailey Lockwood
I recommand the product and I recommand the brand

Works beautifully, all its functions as indicated by the instructions! Arrived is a record time, in 7 days! Ah and also very well packaged. Very satisfied, thank you! Now I hope if I make the desired effect!

Rosanna Rath

Very Satisfied great condition used it and it works very well

Lara Johnson
Positive first impression

Very Good Quality , Can't wait try with it


Is the Eyoora 6-in-1 Reviver safe to use?

Yes, the Eyoora 6-in-1 Reviver is designed with safety in mind. The microcurrents and light therapy are delivered at low intensities that are safe and non-invasive for the skin. The device also incorporates intelligent sensors to adapt the intensity levels according to your skin's needs, ensuring a comfortable and effective treatment.

Is the Eyoora 6-in-1 Reviver suitable for all skin types?

Yes, the Eyoora 6-in-1 Reviver is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

How often should I use the Eyoora 6-in-1 Reviver?

For optimal results, it is recommended to use the Eyoora 6-in-1 Reviver 3- 4 times per week. However, you can adjust the frequency based on your skin's needs and personal preferences. Be sure to follow the instructions provided with the device for best practices.

Can I use the Eyoora 6-in-1 Reviver with other skincare products?

Yes, the Eyoora 6-in-1 Reviver can be used in conjunction with your favorite skincare products. It is recommended to apply your preferred serums or moisturizers before using the device to enhance their absorption and efficacy.

What kind of results can I expect from using the Eyoora 6-in-1 Reviver?

With regular use, the Eyoora 6-in-1 Reviver can help improve skin tone and elasticity, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enhance the absorption of skincare products, and promote a more radiant and youthful complexion. Results may vary based on individual factors and consistency of use.